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Every beer is unique and so are the brewers that produce the beer. We have hosted some of the best in Sussex.

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Date: Thursday 27th January

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Burning Sky

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Harveys 16/12/2021
360 Degrees Brewing
Langham Brewery 28/09/2021
Long Man Brewery 30/09/2021
DARK STAR 26/07/2021
Cloak + Dagger/Hand Brew Co. 29/07/2021
Only With Love 24/06/2021
Franklins 27/05/2021
Downlands 26/11/2020


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Thursday 27th january, 2022


Cellar Head Brewing Company is an award-winning independent microbrewery on the East Sussex & Kent border. A brewery to appeal to multiple generations, beer tastes and styles. Using the finest of English grown malts and hops as well as selected others from around the world.

Cellarhead Logo
Cellarhead Taproom

past events

Thursday 16th december, 2021


£480 raised for the St Peter and St James Hospice.

This month we have a special Christmas event where we welcome Harvey’s and a selection of their beers; there is also a cheese pairing and quiz included in your ticket. Harvey’s are donating their fee to charity and as C.A.S.K. we have decided to emulate this gesture. This means that we have increased the event fee as a one-off to £20 with all event proceeds being donated to St Peter and St James Hospice.

 Harvey’s Brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex. A family business, the brewery has been in the guardianship of seven generations of John Harvey’s descendants since 1790, with five family members from the seventh and eighth generations currently working here.

 The quiz will be based on this years CASK sessions and will be emailed to you separately with instructions! There will be prizes on the night….

Harveys Logo
Harveys Best Bitter

Thursday 25th november, 2021


360 started brewing in 2013, and have steadily increased sales & capacity ever since. The brewery is based at Sheffield Park, East Sussex, right alongside the famous Bluebell Railway. Their name comes from the fact that the brewery is situated right on the Greenwich Meridian.

360 Logo
360 Beer

Thursday 28th october, 2021


Langham is an independent steam-heated microbrewery situated between the Sussex towns of Midhurst and Petworth in the beautiful South Downs National Park. Their passion is to produce innovative, distinctive and flavoursome craft beers using quality ingredients and traditional and contemporary skills.

Langham Brewery Logo
Langham Brewery Taproom

Thursday 30th SEPTEMBER, 2021


Long Man are rooted in sustainability and believe in looking after the environment. They produce Naturally Excellent Beer whilst giving back to the land.

Long Man define craft as handmade, locally sourced, and above all sustainable, they believe this is evident in every pint of their award winning beers. Using lovingly grown ingredients to brew a golden craft pale ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma and a crisp, clean bitterness on the finish.

Long Man Brewery Logo
Long Man Beers

Thursday 26th AUGUST, 2021


The Dark Star Brewing Company was born in 1994 in the cellar of a pub in Brighton. With a brew plant only marginally bigger than an enthusiastic home-brew kit the characteristic style of hoppy beers was developed and tried out on the willing guinea pigs at the bar.

As with all the best ideas, the business was planned on the back of a beer mat, driven by a few beers and funded with money we didn’t have.

A few years on, well 25 plus actually, we find ourselves in Partridge Green, just south west of Horsham, West Sussex, with a 45 barrel brewhouse. It’s all been a bit of a blur really.

None of us really wanted to leave the cellar of the pub, but apparently more and more people liked drinking the same beers as us, so we needed to brew more…

What’s in a name…

The brewery is named after a song by the band The Grateful Dead, although if you have a heard a different story, use that, never let the truth stand in the way of a good yarn.

Dark Star Hop Head

Thursday 29th july, 2021

Cloak + Dagger/Hand Brew Co.

Our guest brewery for July was Cloak + Dagger near Worthing. Hand Brew Co. share the space and we will have beers from both,

In late 2020 the teams commissioned a brand new, high quality, steam heated brewery in Worthing, West Sussex. It features a 2,000 litre brew kit with four 4,000 litre fermenters, an automated canning line and large 5oC cold store meaning they can produce, package and store beer in the best possible conditions.

The space is shared by Hand Brew Co. and Cloak + Dagger Brewing, both breweries beers feature in the taproom.

Shop links below, enter KSTON15 and you’ll receive 15% off your entire order.

Cloak and Dagger Brewery
Hand Brew Co Brewery

ONly with love – 24/06/2021

Our guest brewery for June is the Only With Love Brewery, who are based near Uckfield.

You may remember the excellent Holler Brewery, originally called Holler Boys based near Blackboys. They opened a brand new brewery / taproom just off Preston Circus, in Brighton. This was then taken over by the Unbarred Brewery.

Only With Love is a new project started by the brewer who started the Holler project.

As before, apart from plenty of lovely beers to taste in the hall, there should be a chance to purchase further supplies to take home, so bring some cash.

Only With Love Beers

franklins – 27/05/2021

Franklins is based in Ringmer…..


downlands – 26/11/2020

Downlands Brewey is based in Small Dole…..

Downlands Brewery

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